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High Ropes Challenges

crate_climbing2.jpgWithin our grounds we have three high ropes challenges which are challenging and fun!

Crate Climbing
The objective is for each person, in turn, to build a single tower of crates at the same time as climbing the tower.  Supported by your team and under the guidance of of our qualified staff the climber will be handed crates one by one to help them build the tower. The climber will be equipped with a safety harness and attached to a safety rope and belay system. The rest of the team can help manage the belay system.

Competitive Edge!
See if you can beat our company record of 30 crates or have your own group competition to see who can build the highest tower.

pamper.jpgPamper Pole
The challenge of this activity is to climb a 13 metre pole using the attached metal holds and then take a leap of faith by jumping off the pole and punching the suspended ball. All this will of course be done wearing a safety harness and helmet and each participant will be attached to a safety rope and belay system. Your group will operate the belay system with close supervision from our specialists. Once each person has jumped from the pole, they will be lowered to the ground by the belay team.

Increased Level Of Challenge!
If you’ve given this a go and want to push your comfort zone further, why not try it blind folded!!

Tree Abseil
This is the highest of our rope activities at 25 metres! First of all, the abseil platform has to be reached by ascending the tree using the metal holds. On arrival at the platform you will be looked after by one of our specialists who will attach you to the abseil rope and talk you through those vital steps of transferring your weight to the rope. Once on the abseil rope, the physical and mental challenges of this activity are conquered and you can enjoy your controlled descent to the ground. You will be kitted out with safety harnesses and attached to a rope belay system. This will be operated from the ground by your team and closely supervised by our qualified staff.

We can supply and organise

Qualified abseiling instructors
All specialist equipment
Advice on what you will need for the session
Safety cover  

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