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Caving activities give you the opportunity to explore the wonderful underground world.  This unique environment of passageways, chambers and underground streams has taken tens of thousands of years to develop, and requires care and respect to preserve as we pass through it.

Caving is a multi-facetted challenge which may involve scrambling, climbing, wading and navigating underground. Eclipse will provide all the equipment and qualified instructors. Our trips are suitable for complete novices or people with some experience who would like to try something more advanced. We work with you to make your caving trip exciting, challenging, fun and most importantly safe.

Examples of Caving activities

caving.jpg Beginner
If you would like to try caving, Eclipse can provide one of the best introductory experiences suitable for beginners. This session includes lots of options. You can walk or scramble most of the way through, just getting your legs wet - or you can plunge into deep pools and crawl through narrow passages. We start by entering a large passage close to a small waterfall, but quickly we leave the water behind and continue in quite passageways where your instructor will show you some of the beautiful cave formations – white gour pools, black and brown flow stone, curtains and stalagtites.

For those of you who have done some caving before or who would like a more committing challenge, we will go into one cave entrance and emerge out of another, traversing right under the mountain. Your caving adventure will start with a 40 foot descent and continues through passages, squeezes and past more underground waterfalls.

There's no easy introduction to one of the most spectacular underground journeys in England. To enter Alum Pot you begin by abseiling into the country’s deepest open natural chasm, 300 feet deep. A huge Stonehenge size slab that fell into the void thousands of years ago has to be scaled. It forms a rock bridge to the other side. Indiana Jones would feel at home here. A thundering waterfall at one end of the cathedral produces an ethereal mist which hangs in the air. From here - you now have to make your way back to the surface, but fortunately not the way we dropped in! This day trip will include some strenuous climbing, rope and ladder work. You will wade along underground rivers, stooping and sometimes crawling on hands and knees until you emerge into daylight.

We can supply and organise

Qualified caving instructors
Advice and guidance on various routes
All specialist caving equipment
Advice on what you will need for the day
Safety cover

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Please note - caving is a full day activity.