Impact Development Training Group


"SCA has enjoyed a mutually productive relationship with Impact for over fifteen years and yes we have had tremendous fun along the way.

Our work with clients is based on a performance system approach involving 360 feedback, pragmatic classroom based workshops and experiential learning. A crucial part of this methodology is a business simulation, tailored to mirror a participant’s real work world, run by Impact. Working closely with John Belshaw and his team we provide a challenging business environment that targets our clients learning goals and the objectives of individual participants.

A key component in our partnership with Impact has been a set of shared values about how people learn and like to be treated, creating the optimum learning environment for groups and individuals and delivering quality in all aspects of the client interface. Impact has consistently delivered this for our clients.

We have worked in the Impact hotels, where the food and staff are superb, as well as numerous UK and European venues. In every instance the quality of offering and professionalism of the team are maintained to the highest standards. Indeed it has been known for one of the Impact team, due to a luggage malfunction, to run a simulation in borrowed clothes!"

Gerry Spencer, Managing Partner – SCA Consultants

"I’ve known Impact for many years now. The first time I came across the company was as a delegate on a team building event; since then I’ve worked dozens of times in conjunction with them.

When I’m working with groups, Impact can provide activities and exercises that help us achieve our aims. They are able to mount some standard activities at the drop of a hat, if that is what the budget, time or basic need demands. Mostly however, together, we tailor these into bespoke activities or we invent something new from scratch.

And that word, ‘together’, is important to me. We work in a very collegiate way, sharing and refining ideas until we feel we’ve got it right. As well as focussing on those elements of an event where they have responsibility, my Impact colleagues are often really valuable in helping me think through the things I’ll be doing at other times during my events.

I’ve seen Impact grow from very humble beginnings into the international organisation they now are but their values, and their style, have remained the same: they have energy, they’re down to earth and practical, and when I think of them, the picture is always of them as warm and smiling.

Above all they are reliable; they do what they say they will. In all the time I’ve known them, I’ve been strongly supported by them and never let down".

Andy Blanshard. Blanshard, Macpherson Consultants